The video is created by Erik Qualmann of Socialnomics, who presented “Social Media Revolution” in July. This video is a great analogy to how social media can be measured in both B2C and B2B field, making the ever-wanted attention into a reality.

However, speaking in business word, the success measurements of those activities can still be obtained by monetary gains and/or losses. The figures are crucial and essential part for small business owners, entrepreneurs, and investors. Yet, as social media has grown to supplement the traditional marketing channel, my question is “how DO YOU measure your social media activity?” If you do want to invest in social media, they want to do it in right way. There will be more companies wanting to leverage social media trend, and one will succeed and another will fall. That is simply the paradigm shift of today’s reality.

Socialnomics is a great place to find resources regarding on social media and marketing trends, so check it out

Socialnomics – Social Media Blog

Erik Qualman on Twitter

Jay Kogami

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